hey i'm xoli ! i use they/them prns, i'm 14 & lesb. neutral terms pisces ( mar 6 ) infp southeast asian

byi i don't usually use tone indicators unless needed to (pls lmk), i curse in tagalog alot, i talk in caps lock, i keyboard smash, mostly everything i say is sarcasm, i mainly stan ggsdni fit basic dni criteria, u think pronouns have gender, support skz/bp or both, uses fancy fonts, uses languages as an aes, dsmp fan

loves hope, chae, gumi, tasha, sam, jen, maia, yumi, miha, sofia, kim, christa, kylie, edi, alyssastan list red velvet, nmixx, twice, itzy, kep1er, stayc, 2ne1, wjsn, ive, gwsn, dreamcatcher, billlie